Sunday, October 17, 2010

Editor's Corner

Last month I told you about my jump to a new state. I've arrived and in whirlwind time, we've unpacked all our boxes (still waiting to hang stuff on the walls), explored the city of Redmond, visited our new doctors and dentist, and had a procedure or two done. My husband being retired has helped in getting much of this done. Me, work is going along as smoothly as it was when I was in Dallas.

Do I miss my LSC friends and family? You bet I do.
Do I want to be back home with y'all? Of course
Yet, a larger purpose exists, so I'm accepting it and getting on.

With the whirlwind mentioned, I wasn't here about two weeks when I was off again to attend Lavacon in sunny San Diego, California. It was a wonderful experience which you can read more about in my review article.

This "rolling stone" (yes, I'm old and know who The Rolling Stones are, do you? -excluding Paul Holland <smiles and hugs, Paul; sorry Kristy>) is still fielding this newsletter from a distance. Got an article! Join Paula and Joshua, SEND THEM IN.

Time is nearing for my favorite Monday evening TV shows, so off this newsletter goes to the Internet presses.