Saturday, January 22, 2011

2010-11 Awards Banquet

We all had a wonderful time (and wonderful food) at our annual awards banquet! Congratulations again to all of our participants! Now to think of something to enter for next year...

Instructional Materials
Award of DistinctionClint Clausing, Fire Protection PublicationsFire Investigator Second Edition
Award of ExcellenceMLink Technologies, Inc.Fundamentals of Crimping Techniques eLearning , Michaels
Award of ExcellenceMLink Technologies, Inc.Nokia Device Comparison eLearning, T-Mobile
Award of MeritMLink Technologies, Inc. Baylor Fire and Life Safety eLearning, Baylor
Award of MeritMLink Technologies, Inc.Nokia Mode Participant Guide, Nokia
Award of MeritMLink Technologies, Inc.Lennox SunSource eLearning, Lennox
Award of MeritAshley Owen, InspirusRecognition Basics Course Sample
User Support Materials
Award of MeritEdward Hartman, Evan Olson, Harvey Clark, Al Usher, Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. NETSMART 2000 Version 4.1 User's Guide
Award of MeritRobert D. Brown, Agnieszka Klucinska, Phillip Getto, OraMetrix, Inc. Introduction to SureSmile QT Desktop Reference
Award of MeritJan Haan, Parker Brown, Abby Kline, Stryker Instruments Maestro Sterilization Case--Instructions for Use
Award of MeritJan Haan, Parker Brown, Abby Kline, Stryker Instruments iVAS Inflatable Vertebral Augmentation System--Instructions for Use

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Ms. J said...

Fire Protection Publications is submitting their entries on to the STC Competition.
Our member Louellen Coker sent in an entry to another chapter competition, and now her entry with Content Solutions is going to the STC Competition as well.